Wellness Consultation $30
This visit will discuss individual health goals and expectations.

One Wellness Session per month $80
Two Wellness Sessions per month $150
A holistic approach to health discussing food combining, eating with the seasons, increasing energy, boosting immunity & well being.

Body Treatments

Lymphatic Massage
60 minutes - $70

Gentle technique to move fluid through the body.
Great for detoxification, inflammation, post-surgery, edema or water retention.

Massage Therapy

60 minutes - $70
90 minutes- $100

Specific to the individual's needs using trigger point and medium to deep pressure for stress and pain relief.



Ionic Foot Detoxification
Single session - $30
6 sessions - $150
12 sessions - $240

Ionic Foot Bathing produces positive and negative ions that remove toxins and other impurities through the feet.

Infared Sauna
Single session - $30
6 sessions - $150
12 sessions - $240
*dual session available for 15% off

Enhances natural detoxification processes.
Helpful for pain relief, inflammation, lactic acid build-up & weight loss.

More info on the sauna. 


Off-Site Services

Animal Wellness
within 30 miles - $80
if remedies are required - $100
*all animal species acceptable

An energy balance and animal communication visit. This is not a replacement for veterinary services. To better balance your pets, homeopathy or flower essence remedies may be created.

Green Your Home
60 minutes - $200

home visit to do a pantry clean up and look at chemical cleaners, air fresheners, and room sprays that can be harming you, your family, or your pets.