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I signed up for Sherri’s wellness consultation to lose weight. Sherri is, inquisitive, intuitive, caring, lighthearted and a great listener. She created a program specifically for me that was about caring for my body and spirit and letting go of the Edema in my body. My experience with the cleans left me 5 pounds lighter with a whole host of new skills around thinking about what I eat and what I do for my body and mind when I wasn’t eating. My results were clearer-skin, a 5 pound loss, happy tummy (no more antacids),more energy, less pain in my joints and hope that I could continue on this path. I went for weight loss but what I ended up was a whole new way to care for myself. I highly recommend this plan for someone that’s looking for a new way to shed what doesn’t serve you and care for your body.
— Trisha

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, LMT, BS

Health Coach:
I have been in the health food industry for over 18 years. I have been fortunate to have been educated in many areas of health such as homeopathy, herbs, nutritional supplements, traditional Chinese medicine, flower essence remedies, aromatherapy, and any current lifestyle or eating trends. I believe that eating and health are based solely on the individual and that there is not one way of eating for every person. I like working with the WHOLE person and incorporating body/mind/spirit when creating a plan for the individual to use as a guide. I love to see people make positive transformations and gain different perspectives and what "health" means to them.

I believe that quality food and water are medicine and it is imperative that we support and protect these resources and refrain from genetically modified foods as well as factory farming whenever possible. I like to incorporate eating locally, following traditional Chinese medicine for seasonal eating, supporting specific organs during the seasons and crowding out the things that don't serve us.
I can help you put together ideas that are reasonable for your lifestyle and schedule as we journey through creating new habits. I will introduce you to different breathing and meditative techniques and create personalaffirmations to guide you through these healthy changes.

Massage and Energy Work:
I have been practicing massage therapy for 16 years. I have worked in medical offices, OBGYN clinics, surgery centers, hospices and spas. I have a love for lymphatic work and have a level II certification from Upledger Institute. Lymphatic is great for detoxification, water retention, edema, pre or post surgery work, injuries or inflammation. It is a light technique that works on a superficial level on the body to move the lymphatic fluid and increase the integrity of our body's filtration system.
I practice trigger point massage that requires medium to deep pressure on areas where the body is holding tension. Some of these trigger points can be related to emotions.. I work with the individual to create awareness and teach how to let go of the tensions and understand why the body is holding on to certain things.
I am non denominational with my energy practices. I have evolved and continually evolve as I learn more and ask my spirit guides for assistance. I have training in Peruvian shamanism, Reiki, the angelic realm and use spirit guides. I work with your belief system and call in whatever light beings you may need. I use a pendulum to test chakras on the body and can ask your higher self what your intentions and expectations are for your happiness and well being.

I use the same techniques on animals as I do the human. You will see and appreciate your animal in a different way. I use a tool to communicate with the animals and ask questions that will help me balance and clear them of any emotions that do not serve them. In many ways our animals are direct reflections of us and hold on to many of the same emotions that we are. They deserve to be healthy, loved and resected just like we do.