Common questions about Turtle Scrub

Q:  Is it normal for the scrub to change in consistency?
A: Yes.  Because the base of turtle scrub is coconut oil.  Coconut oil can naturally solidify below 76 degrees Fahrenheit.  If this happens, place the container in hot water or a naturally warm environment.  Most people have great success storing the scrub in the shower.  Once the product is mixed with a warm hand, it remains quite stable.

Q: Does Turtle Scrub Contain caffeine?
A:  Yes, turtle scrub has real brewed coffee in it.  This is what gives it such a great smell but also allows product to assist in firming the areas of focus.  There have been a few clients sensitive to caffeine who choose not to use this product in the evening.  Remember this is a product for people who love coffee!

Q:  Will Turtle Scrub stain my clothes?
A:  No.  However, if you use white washcloths or towels with turtle scrub, you will see residue that is naturallly occuring with coffee and raw cacao. Once rinsed off in the shower, the oils remain on the skin, not the color of the product.