I signed up for Sherri’s wellness consultation to lose weight. Sherri is, inquisitive, intuitive, caring, lighthearted and a great listener. She created a program specifically for me that was about caring for my body and spirit and letting go of the Edema in my body. My experience with the cleans left me 5 pounds lighter with a whole host of new skills around thinking about what I eat and what I do for my body and mind when I wasn’t eating. My results were clearer-skin, a 5 pound loss, happy tummy (no more antacids),more energy, less pain in my joints and hope that I could continue on this path. I went for weight loss but what I ended up was a whole new way to care for myself. I highly recommend this plan for someone that’s looking for a new way to shed what doesn’t serve you and care for your body.
— Trisha